Replenishment | Recommendations (Grid View)

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Note: To understand Replenishment, which is a phased approach, read Intro to Replenishment, which describes the concept. In this article, we look at the first phase, reviewing Recommendations on the Recommendations Grid. (Alternatively, you can choose to view as a Recommendation Table.)



There are three ways to view the Recommendations - ultimately the same data, but arranged differently:

Vendor: Shows recommendations grouped by vendor. This is very helpful when placing one order per vendor that covers all your locations and product areas.

Location: Shows recommendations grouped by location. This is typically used when your own storage locations are geographically distant, and orders are made on a per-location basis.

Category: Shows recommendations grouped by category. This useful for those situations where decisions are made on a category level, for example at a department store where one department stocks linens and another department furniture.

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